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Welcome to my website, you beautiful being. 

In this little corner of the internet, I want to give you the opportunity

to get to know me and my offerings a little better.


About Yoga-Real-Talk 

 by Annika Görden

Frau mit Klangschale
Yoga Mandala

With Yoga-real-talk I aim to make a deep yogic experience possible for everyone. 

Yoga is a very ancient teaching, with many, many different techniques and paths  which all aim to bring the human being closer to its natural state of joy, connection and peace.  

But especially here in the West, yoga has been mostly reduced to moving the body for fitness purposes, releasing stress and being flexible. 

And kept in this minimalist way, yoga can never really lead to the limitless joy and peace it promises. 

What yoga needs for that, is open hearts, truthfulness and the releasing from mental boundaries. Yoga needs us to be real, act real and talk real, from one open heart to another.

So let’s connect, lets feel, lets learn, lets yoga-real-talk together. 

This is the sacred space I want to open for you, a space of self-love of connection and devotion, to our growth as human beings and as a collectiv.

Berge im Sonnenuntergang
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What Yoga is for me


The translation of the sanskrit word Yoga is reunion. Yoga encloses all practices, all efforts that reunite us with our true nature, our nature of love, softness, peace, joy, abundance, connection and health.

Lovingly practiced the physical yoga (Aasanas) empowers my body with vitality, energy and lightness.

The conscious use of  my breath (Pranayama) cleans, strengthens my physical and my energetic body.

Meditation helps me to manifest peace, self reflection and the feeling of trust and union for myself and the world.

All these aspects of yoga help me to start every day with a bright smile, to see the beauty in all things, in all beings, in all moments, to be joyous and happy from my inside out. 

Apart from all that, yoga creates a room for me, in which I am free to be myself, to devote to my needs, my wishes and my emotions. It invites me to question what limits me in my potential and to devote to whatever helps me step into my grandness.

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What can Yoga be for You?

There is one thing yoga will definitely be for you, when you decide to try it.     It will be exactly what you need.

Yoga can be movement for your body, it can activate your cardiovascular system, help your shortened fascia to let go and allow space and freedom within the body. Yoga strengthens your muscles, where they need strengthening or releases them of stress if they need relaxation. 

But Yoga can also be a journey to yourself, to get to know and understand yourself better, so that you can treat yourself and thus the world with a little more love and understanding.

If you permit and want it to, yoga can be an awakening, to a new world, a world of union, of trust and of lightful consciousness.

And don’t worry, if you can't decide what you want from yoga yet, just start.    It will be what you need all by itself.



Yoga Realtalk

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